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Membership Application


Points to note:

1.  The aim of continued professional development is to make sure that members keep up with current professional practice and to develop skills further.

2.  IAP-CPD will run from 1st January to 31st December making it easier to keep records for participants who are also doing other CPD’s. 

3.  In line with other colleges requirements, we have made IAP-CPD more flexible. Please read the sheet along with this letter.

4.  Instead of points, the tally will be kept in hours, making it easy for you to record. Keep a record in a paper dairy or on the web dairy.

5.  Please send in your tally sheet for this year in December, so that I can send you a certificate before January.  I will also send a new tally sheet at that time. Members are required to earn 50 hours every year instead of 1000 credit points for five years.

6.  Record keeping is important to prove your claims, as random auditing will be done.

7.  A certificate of participation or certificate of completion along with total hours will be issued every year – Associate members who complete the CPD programme, will be given a certificate that can be used for registration purposes.

8.  Members leaving practice for a period of six months or more for such reasons as sickness, maternity leave or other leave of absence, may, on application prior to leave have their total hours requirement reduced.

9.  Record of participation in the programme will remain confidential.


Peer Review:

We have broadened the peer review definition to include telecommunication, review on line etc. so that it is easier for psychiatrists in remote areas to accumulate hours.  Meetings of more than half hour with three other colleagues will be accepted as far as it is about the review of a case.  Please keep a record with the signatures of others.

If you present a case or a paper on a website and three colleagues review that and comment, it will be accepted for the CPD, if you record it.

If you still cannot achieve enough hours, please come to the AGM and I will organise review meeting for you.

Learning activity:

This is divided into groups and individual activities.  Even though the total hours are counted, it is preferred to have both categories.

If you subscribe the journals, audio digest or have access to medical libraries, keep a record of these.

Keep the invitation or programmes of conferences.

Education, Teaching, Research:

Hours taken to prepare publication, presentation and others can be taken into account.

Please keep these sheets for further reference.

Thanking you

Kind regards,



CPD Summary Sheet

a pdf file for 2009 can also be downloaded by clicking here.


Peer review   Min 10 hours to Max 40 hours
  Peer group  
  Practice surveys  
  Institutional audit  
  Incident report discussion  
  Private audit  
  Teleconference with colleagues  
  Personal supervision  
  Self assessment programme  
Learning activity   Min 10 hours to Max 40 hours


  Ward round  
  Journal clubs  
  Conferences, Meetings  
  Workshop courses


  Reading journals  
  Reading text  
  Information (Medline) searches  
  Audio – Video tapes  
  Computer – internet searches  
  Personal learning project  
Educational - Teaching /Research   Maximum 30 Hours
  Teaching, supervision  
  Masters or university degree - psychiatry