Aim - to provide Fellowship of a Collegiate Body in Australia and New Zealand of accredited Consultant Psychiatrists whose Senior Qualifications in Psychiatry are conferred by Internationally recognised Collegiate Bodies or Universities

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The IAP was founded in 1991 at a meeting called by Dr Brian Boettcher after the Chelmsford Inquiry was commissioned by the Government of New South Wales. Present at this first meeting  were Drs Brian Boettcher, Jean Lennane, Phillip Brown, John Nathar and Leslie Lim.

The IAP was founded on the following Objectives:

To provide formal Collegiate Body recognition within Australia and New Zealand of the senior professional qualifications and status of Members
To perform Collegiate Body functions for Members
To liaise with all relevant Bodies in pursuit of these objectives
To represent the professional interest of Members in all relevant forms and to all relevant Bodies and Persons
To establish a professional Code of Practice and Standards for Members 
To further psychiatric knowledge and its application

The current Office Holders are:

President: Dr Anne Noonan
Vice President: Dr Naveen Chandra
Secretary: Dr Heiti Muul
Treasurer/Registrar: Dr Leslie Lim
CPD Co-ordinator: Dr Anne Noonan


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